Webinar Invite – Build a Wildly Successful WordPress Consulting Business

My buddy Troy and the team at WP Elevation are running a webinar on how to build a wildly successful WordPress business.  I thought you should jump on- you’ll get a heap of value out of it.

During this free webinar, you will learn:
– the secret to getting paid more for your WordPress projects (and it’s not what you might think)
– how you can build a successful business without having to sell $10K websites (I know, this goes against what everyone is saying – but he’ll prove it on this call with a real life case study)
– how to stop discounting just to get the gig (you’ll never have to explain to a client why you’re a LOT more expensive than hiring someone on Upwork  again!)

Troy is also going to explain why NOW really are the golden days for WordPress consultants and how you can get a massive headstart on the competition and almost guarantee your business is a success.

PLUS: he’ll be hanging around after the call to answer all of your questions in a special live Q & A session.

There are 4 dates you can pick from, click now to choose a date.  You’re not going to want to miss this!

Register Now!

Brian Hochstein

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Brian Hochstein has been in and out of the hosting and web design arena as a hobby for over 15 years and has gotten back into it seriously again since 2014. His knowledge ranges from HTML, CSS, some JavaScript and PHP to server administration, computer repair and branding.

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